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Updated Layers Provide Better Data

Replacement Datasets for Council Districts, Gas Stations, and Railroads

SanGIS has been working with our regional partners to update a number of layers and services to provide more current, complete, and accurate data for a number of important data layers.

Gas Stations – (under Place category): The County Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures (AWM) has completed a thorough update to the GAS_STATIONS data. The new data, based on AWM license data, includes both retail gas filling stations and LPG stations. SanGIS and AWM have also established a regular schedule of updates for the gas stations data so that it will remain current and complete on an annual basis.

Council Districts – (under District category): In the past SanGIS has published a COUNCIL_DISTRICTS layer that covered only the City of San Diego. There are now six cities in the county that hold elections by council district and SanGIS has updated the Council Districts layer to include them all. More jurisdictions will be added as they approve resolutions to move to district-based elections. SanGIS thanks the County Registrar of Voters and the cities of El Cajon, Chula Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, and Vista for their help and cooperation in creating this more comprehensive and complete data set.

Railroads – (under Transportation category): SANDAG has completely rewritten the railroad layer for the county. The old layer (called RAILROAD) has been replaced with a new layer called RAIL_SG. The name change was intentional to make sure that data users understood that this was a completely new layer. The RAIL_SG layer has a much more complete set of track lines and added over a half dozen new fields to assist users in analysis and cartography applications.

More data services available: If you weren't already aware of it you might want to check out the multiple regional GIS data services available from SANDAG and SanGIS. SANDAG services can be found at the SANDAG Web Mapping Services page.

SanGIS services can be accessed through the direct link at .

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